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Artists Studio

Artists Studio a place for artists
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All Members , Moderated
Artist Community for all types of artists to come together show off their art work, get helpful critiques and to discuss anything art related.

To Join Click Here. To post to it after joining select artists_studio as your active journal when you post to LJ.

This is a community for artists created by artists. It is a place for you to get inspiration to share your personal art work, from painting, sculpting, sketches,pen & Ink, craft projects, abstract, & Digital Art (including photoshop, illustrator, painter and other computer programs).

This is Not a community for photography, photo-manipuation, poetry, song writing, or jewelry, there are lots communities in LJ for that already.

All work is © their respected artists and not to be used for personal use without permission from the owner.

Claiming Other people's work as your own is frowned upon and you will be removed from the group if you are discovered doing this.

Nudity is art but the lj-cut tag is required. Please place any pictures with nudity below a cut tag with a warning for other members. This also applies to anything suggestive of any sexual acts .

Spamming is not tolerated and all spam will be deleted.

Disabling Comments is not allowed and all posts that do this will be deleted

Ebay & Paypal Links are considered Spam and are Not allowed in this community and will be removed.

If you use another artist's work as reference it is recommended (not required) that you state who the reference is.

Art is subjective to each person. Please No flaming, if you don't like someone art and cannot comment with out insulting the art or person with out constructive criticism please do not post. If you flame or insult other members you will be removed and banned from the group.

Community Owner is gothfox if you have any issue please address them with me.
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